Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Catching up with VNV Nation...

In case you've been sleeping under a rock, the futurepop heavyweights VNV Nation have quite a few plans for this year. First off, there is thei new album Judgement, which hits the shelves here in North America on April 10th. From all accounts (or possibly just their own), it is their most diverse release yet, veering from guitar-synth indie-rock influenced matierial to their usual, bass-heavy four-on-the-floor, DJ request list smashers. There is also word of an internet single appearing online sometime this March, and an EP of remixes from their last effort (Matter + Form) called Reformation to be released sometime this year as well. Soon after Judgement comes out, it is also quite noteworthy that VNV has the chance to make some headway into the U.S. mainstream via appearances at both the Coachella festival in California and South by Southwest in Texas.
On the side, both Mark Jackson and Ronan Harris have kept busy. Mark will be making a vocal appearance of the upcoming Reaper album, Hell Starts with an H - a debut disc that also features vocals from Johan Von Roy of Suicide Commando. As for Ronan, he has been steadily plugging away at his electro-dance analog synth side-project, Modcom...although there still is no word when that debut will come out.

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