Friday, February 9, 2007

New Front Line Assembly EP out on April 24th

As spotted on FLA's fansite, Mindphaser, those heavy EBM-hitters from Canada are soon releasing a companion EP to last year's successful disc, Artificial Solder.

Of particular note to me is a remix by Portion Control; this band has been hailed as a major influence for everyone from FLA, to Skinny Puppy, to Clock DVA. They reunited around '04, and I highly recommend checking out their work as well.

Anyway, here's the tracklist for the new EP - Fallout:

1) "Unleashed"- (Mindless mix) By Sebastian R. Komor.
2) " Buried Alive"- (dj?) Acucrack mix by Jason Novak
3) "Beneath the Rubble" - Combichrist remix
4) Electric Dreams - new song By Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber (Originaly intended for Artificial Soldier, but got finished later, sort of a post B side if you will)
5)"Armagedon" - new song By Bill Leeb, Jeremy Inkel and Chris Peterson Peterson. Featuring Jared Slingerland on guitars, and Adrian white on Drums.
6) "Social Enemy" (anti social mix) remix By Jeremy Inkel
7) " Low Life" Remix by Portion Control.
8 )"Humanity" (Kearley edit) Remixed By Dan Kearley
9) "Reprobate (low life) - Re mixed by Greg Reely
10) "Domination" "Unleashed" Re mixed by Rhys Fulber
11) " The Storm" Covenant remix
12) "Unconscious" New song by Rhys Fulber and Jeremy Inkel. (also a song that was originaly ment for the artificial soldier album, but left unfinished until after."


The Philosophical Epicurian said...

Is it an EP (usually about 4-5 songs) or a double EP?

And which Portion-Control would you recommend to somebody new to them? The exchange rate is killing me (so to speak) so would I want to invest in the five CD set of the old LPs?

C'mon, this is the kind of things your friends and fans of writing wanna know. :-P

vlad_m said...

Portion Control - I would say go with Filthy White Man. All of their back catalogue has been dumped into a snazzy boxset, but a 5CD retrospect a lot for a n00b. I find FWM to be a net combo of Tricky and 242 in sound.

As for FLA, they say it's an EP, even though it's album length.